Motion Factory

Spend Less Time On Busy Work and Create More!

A more Efficient Video Editing, Filmmaking and Content Creation Workflow

Motion Factory
Motion Factory is a platform with the goal of bringing Efficiency into the Workflow of every Video Editor, Filmmaker and Content Creator

For the First Time, Motion Factory Brings MOGRT into After Effects!

From now on, you can easily add MOGRTs into After Effects and begin Editing it! No more the need to keep Premiere open in the background for the packs you have already purchased form any market.

Have a better Organized Workflow

We all know that working in After Effects means dealing with a long list of different file types. To avoid a messy workspace, Motion Factory can Organize all of your assets into Folders and Categories based on you and your client's liking.

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Straight Forward Workflow with Drag & Drop

We are among the few who support Drag and Drop in Adobe Extensions. You can drag and drop files from the toolkit into the timeline and Project Panel or even from anywhere on your system Directly into the Motion Factory.

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motion factory

Motion Factory is an all-rounder plugin that stays with Content Creators through the whole process of Video Crafting

From now on, working between platforms is easier than ever! Switch and Follow up your work from After Effects to Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere seamlessly. With Motion Factory, gather all your assets together and Sync them between software.

motion factory
motion factory
motion factory
motion factory

Real-Time Settings Panel

Apply any changes on any footage and instantly observe its Effects using Motion Factory's Real-Time Settings Panel.

Organized and Detailed Settings Panel

Supercharge your Video Editing Workflow using the Detailed and Organized Settings Panel.

Support for Major Adobe File Formats

Motion Factory supports almost all modern Content Creation file formats and their setting feature. MOGRTs, AEP, and Presets

Find Files and Templates faster with Fast Preview

Find what you are looking for Instantly among a large pile of Files and Templates! Motion Factory has the power to give you a Video Preview of any file you have imported!

Speed up your Workflow by spending less time looking for Files and more time on Content Creation. Fast Preview covers almost all the formats you can imagine! R3D, MP4, MOGRT, Presets, AEP, etc. you name it!