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20 Apr 2020

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The world’s changing. COVID-19 has forced us to stay home and change the way we do things. From shopping to business and most recently, product and company events. Like many other companies, Adobe was forced to change the plan for its event but instead of changing the time, they changed the form of holding it. So this year, because of the situation caused by Coronavirus, Adobe summit, the most important event of the company, was held online. And the good point for them is that the core idea that was expressed in the event was aligned with it, as they are trying to expand the possibilities of the creatives world by using technology. So in 2020, the Digital Experience Conference went digital. 
Adobe Summit 2020 Conference Was Held Online


As Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe started the virtual event at his home office, he started to talk about the situation that made us think about the importance of online services in another way. He insisted that the current situation tells us that online is not just appealing but it’s necessary. He then gave some statistics about the increase in e-commerce in several industries including online grocery stores and fitness equipment providers. He introduced a new Adobe service called Digital Economy Index (DEI), that is designed to help buyers, sellers, and government officials get some insights about the current trends of the digital market. The value they’re proposing within this service is that the information inside it is based on real purchase records, not estimation and guesswork. 

Statistics About the Increase in E-commerce
Such tools help many businesses change their perspective and adapt themselves with new forms of commerce that of course is not new to many. So what we’re focusing on in this blog are the tools offered by Adobe to transform our businesses and create and manage our content better than before. To do that, Adobe has created a campaign with many services to help you do more while staying at home. Online services for content creation, learning, and management. You can check out all of it on Adobe’s website.

Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe insisted that the current situation tells us that having digital, online platforms is not just an appealing phenomenon to customize the process but instead, it’s a necessity.

Content creation services

Creating valuable and sellable content is what most of us do. While managing all the content and forming appealing customer experience requires precise planning and spending a lot of time. But with Adobe Experience Manager that’s been improving every year, you can do the job with simple steps. AEM provides you with tools to manage content through different channels with the help of Adobe Sensei which is their AI. an asset they’ve been using for software like Premiere Pro to do tasks like auto reframing. And now this artificial intelligence will help businesses customize content for different channels. 

And then there are tools like Project Snippets that help you customize the content of your website for your customers. This way, different customers with different interests, will be exposed to their own kind of Ads. projects like this usually use several Adobe products and in this case, Snippets uses Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Sensei, and Adobe Target. If you like to see all the projects of Adobe Summit and vote for them, you can go to this section and discover all the sneaks. 
Adobe Experience Manager Capabilities

Cloud-based services

The basis for all the innovative services that help us do our tasks online is the capability of cloud support. You don’t have to store information or files on your computer but instead, you upload them in the cloud only once. And after that every time you sign in into your account, whether it’s storage like Dropbox or cloud-based collaboration platform like Monday, you see the information and files ready for you to work on. So we all know about the benefits of cloud and how it helps us move our stuff to virtual places that are restorable and accessible from everywhere. And then there are cloud-based services that enable you to work on your projects from anywhere with different devices. Cloud-based services were good until Coronavirus happened and turned them from good to something necessary for the survival of the companies. This is why Adobe is trying to provide as many products as they can to help you do everything online in the cloud. Some of the products that have been used and recommended in Summit 2020 breakouts are Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe experience manager, Adobe Experience Platform that helps you manage data, create profiles and many more in real-time, Adobe Audience Manager and several others that make working from home much easier. The great thing about using Adobe’s product is that they’re all connected to Adobe Stock that helps you interact with your content and many other designed contents made for you to get the job done. So what’s obvious is that Adobe is trying to move all the services to the cloud to blur boundaries of business for creatives, data managers and marketers.

Adobe Experience Manager
Adobe Experience Platform
Adobe Advertising Cloud
One thing that got me thinking is that these tools are most common between other types of creatives rather than those working in the video industry. Those filmmakers who create videos for different purposes. How can they work during the quarantine if they have projects in hand? 

This is where we feel the need to have a cloud-based platform for videographers, editors and other professionals in the industry to keep them busy in this special time. A platform in which they continue to work and interact with each other. The fact is that now that commerce is completely shifting to online platforms we need to figure out new ways to run our businesses. Maybe we should join more online communities to help each other, share new ideas and stay creative.

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