New Cameras Rumored To Be Released in 2020

19 Mar 2020

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Good products manufactured by good companies make us love them. And it’s this feeling that creates the tendency of following them and even waiting for them to create the new product. That’s why there’s a list of cameras that many videographers and photographers are waiting for, to experience the quality that is promised behind it. So, today we want to talk about a number of these cameras along with the leaked information about them. Let’s go!

Sony a7S III

Five years after its successful predecessor, Sony a7S III is one of the cameras we’re waiting for. There are predictions that say it might be released in the first half of 2020 with a price of less than $3000. The camera that could have a 15.3MP sensor, which is higher than the previous 12MP sensor of a7SII. they also say that we can expect to see DCI 4K capture at 60p and 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording on this camera. So it definitely sounds good!

Waiting for Sony a7siii Camera is Unbearable (Picture is sony a7sii)

Nikon Z9

As the following product to Nikon Z7, the Z8 will probably be the next successful camera of the company in 2020. Rumors say that Nikon Z8 will have better autofocus than D5 and it’s because of its advanced AI that can detect almost any subject, whether they’re faces, eyes, animals and lock on them. It will also have a 24MP sensor and a vari-angle LCD screen to assist in viewing. A mirrorless camera that feels like it worth waiting.

We are all Waiting for Nikon Z9 Camera (Picture is Nikon Z7)
Waiting for Nikon Z9 Camera is Unbearable (Picture is Nikon Z7)

Leica S3

Another experience made by Germany to especially satisfy photographers probably from spring 2020. Leica S3 will have Leica ProFormat sensor, with 64-megapixel resolution, which is much higher than the 37.5 MP sensor of the S2. Its High sensor sensitivity up to ISO 50000 and Cine 4k video capability will also tell us that it serves the videographers as well. Although this camera is announced in 2018, it’s not released yet and as I said before we’re expecting it to come out in the spring of 2020 to see how meticulous it is.

Waiting for Leica S3 Camera is 2020 (Picture Leica S)

Panasonic GH6

Another developed camera after a successful predecessor called GH5 is the GH6 which has some pro specs to make you sure it’s improved in quality. This new Panasonic camera with a 41-megapixel 8K sensor Micro Four Thirds is one of the cameras that is promising 8k quality to its users to push the boundaries of filmmaking. Rumors say that it might be released in 2020 or even take long to come out in 2022 for us to get an 8k camera.  

Panasonic Might Finally Unleash New Versions of Their GH6 Camera (Picture is Panasonic GH5)

DJI Phantom 5

A drone camera with an interchangeable lens possibility that is in the brick of being just a rumor. But for videographers, it’s an absolute joy to be able to capture 4k videos or maybe higher, while being capable of using the lens they want. But it all seems to be a rumor as well. DJI company has said nothing particular about Phantom 5 so far, but it hasn’t canceled the project too. It’s likely to get clear during this year.

In 2020 We Will See the Announcement and Release of DJI Phantom 5 (Picture is DJI Phantom 4)
Waiting for DJI Phantom 5 is Unbearable (Picture is DJI Phantom 4)

Canon EOS R “L” or “Pro”

Although there is no official information on the next Canon EOS camera, which might be called EOS Pro or EOS L or any other letter in the alphabet, there’s one thing that people unanimously predict about it. They predict that this new full-frame, mirrorless EOS camera will have a 75 MP sensor. It’s also said that EOS Pro will feature the Digic 9 engine and in-body image stabilization. The camera might be announced in February 2020. 

Canon- EOS
In 2020 We Will See the Announcement and Release of Canon EOS R “L” or “Pro” (Picture is Canon Eos R)

Fujifilm X100V

It can be said that the X100 series of Fujifilm are the most successful cameras of the Japanese company. And now the fifth version of the series is available for pre-order, and it might worth buying as it features the Fujifilm’s latest 26MP X-Trans unit sensor. It’s capable of fast recording up to 120P, with 4k resolution, F-Log, and the Eterna film simulation capability. It also has an excelled autofocus comparing to the previous one, the X100F, and reliable face detection. So it will complement the series in some ways.

Fujifilm X100V Camera

RED Komodo

Cinematic camera creators have decided to produce an affordable camera around $6000 with a 6k Super35 sensor. It’s been said that the new RED Komodo gives you the possibility to capture footage up to 6K at 40 fps using the full-sensor, and 6K WS at 50fps in global shutter mode, enabling you to choose a REDCode RAW codec. It’s ok with anamorphic recording, has Canon RF lens mount and also features phase-detect autofocus for the first time on the RED history. 

RED Komodo Camera built-in screen
RED Komodo Cmrera ( credit: Red)


So in general, we might have some of these new interesting cameras in hand for the 2020 Olympics in Japan (or in any occasion) and still waiting for others to get into the light to see what is decided for them, but one thing for sure is that 2020 will be a good year for videographers.

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