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22 Oct 2020

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We, humans, are progressive species. We develop ideas, make teams, and create wonderful things that bring us joy and inspiration. In order to make a creative product like a film, we need creative teams that work together passionately in a professional way. So collaboration and teamwork are the key elements that enable us to achieve what we’re looking for but what should we do as filmmakers when there is a new normal that says work from home?

Well, life is full of possibilities. In fact, we constantly create more and more possibilities to overcome such obstacles because we don’t like to stop working.  That’s why I want to show you a new possibility that makes it possible to do the whole post-production stage virtually. Sounds cool right? let me show you how;

Imagine you have a small team that creates videos for advertising. Your team consists of a creative director who directs the style of every project, a videographer who masterfully takes shots, and you, an editor who brings it all together creatively to make the Ad video. Right now you’re all at home doing social distancing. But suddenly your director gets a call about a requested Ad video and he says “yes, of course, we can do it.”
So he creates a simple shot list and sends it over to the videographer who’s already got the product online, and is ready to shoot it in her little home studio. Right after finishing the shooting part, it’s time for you to get the footage and start editing. Here comes the solution we talked about. Instead of delivering the footage on hard drives or using unrelated tools for transfer, your colleague can upload the footage to the cloud storage of an online cloud-based production collaboration platform that makes it possible for you and the team to access and organize them from anywhere, anytime using a computer.
The Cloud Storage of The Platform
Then you start editing the video but somewhere along the way you’re not sure if it’s what it needs to be. So you need to have your teammates’ opinions on the video. This is where the online platform serves you another feature that enables your team to go over the edited version and share thoughts in comments. Yes, you can add comments on each frame of the video in order to land your suggestions precisely and this is what makes your edit bulletproof.
Per Frame Commenting Feature
Then you can create different versions of the video and create a version history to be able to compare them directly and choose the best one. The system will also create an automatic version after each change is made so that you can go back and use it if needed. Then you and the team decide which one should be the final version and wrap it up.
Version History Feature

The video is done now and it’s time for the customer review. Again easily using the platform your customer reviews the video and it’s totally ready and archived in the cloud storage of the online cloud-based production collaboration platform.
See, this is just one possibility that this type of technology has brought to us. The friendship between technology and creativity has a lot more possibilities to offer. Possibilities that push the boundaries and enable us to create beyond borders.

Easy Review Feature

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