The Story of a Cloud-Based Change For Video Production Teams

21 May 2020

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Today we want to talk about a scenario, a story that is common among video production companies and has happened to a number of them. 

In this scenario, there is a video or animation production company that’s specialized in Ad videos. Let’s call ours the ZCompany. So in this ZCompany, like many other companies in the Ad industry, they mostly work on animation Ads for businesses to increase their brand awareness. Beautiful, well-designed explainer videos. 

The ZCompany has a workflow to do every animation project. In every project, they do brainstorming on the subject, write down the script, and hand it to the animation team. The animators of the team create the first version of the video, deliver it to the lighting team and if it’s done, it goes for rendering. After that, the animation enters into the video editing stage, where cutting, sound design, and color grading happens to it. 

After all those steps, they deliver the video to the customer and wait for the response. If it’s appealing enough, the project is done, but if not, some of the steps might be repeated by the staff to fix them. And this is the routine in the ZCompany.

Traditional Post Production Workflow (Credits:
The CEO of the company is an ambitious woman. She loves what she does but always seeks improvement so she pays a lot of attention to the details of her job. It’s been a while that Miss CEO seeks out some professionals who can add more value to their business. But she hasn’t been able to find the right people where they work. 

One day, when she is surfing the LinkedIn website to find the professional video editor she’s looking for, she comes across an interesting profile. An editor with this sentence in the about section;“ Accepting creative projects from anywhere in the world “ So she got curious and sends him a message and asks about his editing workflow when working on non-local projects and the result of the conversation for the Miss CEO is knowing a platform that’s designed for remote collaboration. “What? How?” She asks herself.

She digs into the platform and finds out some key elements that seem so tempting to her. First, the platform eliminates the classical boundaries of video production. From content delivery to commenting and review. The platform makes it possible to do them all in a virtual platform 10 times faster, by only several clicks.

Second, it gifts the possibility of work on different projects with people from various locations. Exactly what she needed to work with the professionals she wants.  But a change like this is not something you do by some impressed thoughts. It must be tested in many ways. It must be reliable. So she introduces the platform to the members of the team and they decide to test it for a small project.

The New Platform

After every team member creates an account on the platform, they create a project. With the ability to interact in real-time, the animation team creates the base shots of the video faster than usual. After that, they upload the shots to the platform, along with the explanations for each part to be reviewed and modified by the lighting team. The same smoothness takes place in the workflow for the lighting team with the fast commenting feature. When the back and forth between the animators and the lighting team reaches to the end, the rendering team get the final file easily from the platform’s cloud storage.   

Then it is the editing team that gets the most advantage of the platform by being able to talk about every frame of the video and collaborate on that in real-time. Needless to say that apart from the collaboration part that’s obviously been evolved by the features of the cloud-based video collaboration platform, the communication part of their work, whether it’s inside a team or between them, or the customer review for the feedback, has been upgraded and gets done way faster with such ease. 

And the main reason that pushed the CEO to find this platform is now easily accessible. She is now able to work with professionals from around the world to create the team she always wanted. 

As time pass, the members of the ZCompany realize that the new platform has created an excelled workflow for them and opens up new possibilities. They keep working inside the online platform and little by little they get used to it as the freedom it provides for them is appealing of course.

Cloud Collaboration Workflow Is A Step Forward For Video Editors

A Hit Called COVID-19


Things aren’t always appealing. There are situations in life where we’re hit by the incidents. And the incident this time is a virus called COVID-19. So, It’s risky to work in an office full of people, even it’s risky to be outside. Or It’s better to say, it’s risky to do things the old way. So Coronavirus sends everyone back to their home, to stay safe and take care of each other.  

Coronavirus Has Contained Many Production Teams In Their Homes
But the silver lining is that while many businesses have stopped working, the ZCompany with its new insight is still able to work. As they’re not limited to place and time, they work from home using the cloud-based platform. Creating explainer videos for medical institutions to inform people of what they must do to protect themselves. Helping society while continuing to work.

Although the story of the ZCompany is not true, there are many businesses out there that need such solutions to stay in the business during these hard times. Coronavirus has taught us to be flexible, and use opportunities to improve what we do. So let us all think about the question every business in the world should ask, HOW CAN WE TRANSFORM OUR WORK?

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