Faster Than Ever!

The "Light" nature of Motion Factory has made it 4X faster than the previous version and 6X faster than the competition! The biggest benefit here is a snappier workflow that leaves more hardware resource for your other processes.

3.2 X

Faster experience

RAM usage

3XMore Efficient

CPU usage

2XMore Efficient

Loading usage

4XMore Efficient
Motion Factory

A Central Hub for all your projects

Now you have the ability to follow up your work anywhere. Maybe you are doing a Video Editing project in Premiere and use After Effects for adding some Visual Effects. Motion Factory can gather all your assets together and then Sync them between software.

Wide Range of Supported Formats and Cameras


Used for Premiere and After Effects Templates


A file-format that supports lossless data compression


Adobe Premiere Pro video editing file


A method of lossy compression for digital images


A multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft


A digital multimedia container mostly used for video/audio


Adobe After Effects project file extension


Video Container for Apple QuickTime


Designed for 3G UMTS multimedia services


Designed for 3G CDMA2000 multimedia services


Generally used by old tape cameras


The free & open container Multimedia format


The container format in DVD-Video media


A royalty-free audiovisual format to use in the HTML5


An open standard, free Multimedia container format


A container format for professional digital video/audio


A container file format to deliver digital video


A video container format developed by Apple


A series of video codecs developed by Microsoft


An extension for MPEG-1/MPEG-2 audio and video compression


A file format used to store bitmap digital images


A format that supports most imaging options of Photoshop


Popular among Graphic Artists, Publishers, and Photographers

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motion factory
motion factory
motion factory
motion factory
motion factory

The All-Inclusive Folder Management system lets you organize your Assets and Footages based on Project, Category, and Client.

Find your Templates, Presets, and Files much faster with the Search feature of Motion Factory


The Top Notch Importing system lets users Import multiple assets and footages in many different formats and different styles.

Collaborating with your team and clients is a breeze when you take advantage of our Cloud and Collaboration platform


File Organization


Import System


The all in one Platform

Motion Factory brings together all the good features of Essential Graphics, Projects Panel and Effects Panel into a single unified platform.

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As Simple as Dragging and Dropping!

Being able to interact with assets by Drag and Drop is the most natural way of doing things and we are among a few extensions who support it!

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Feel at home when using Motion Factory

Motion Factory is designed in a way to make it a plugin everybody can pick up and start to use it. Hence the similarities with other Adobe Software.

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Keeping your current Folder Structure

By creating a Virtual Copy of imported assets, Motion Factory let creators change the settings of any asset without affecting the source material

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Fast Preview is the fastest way to Interact with your assets

Find what you are looking for Instantly among a large pile of Footage and Templates!

As an example, you can now work faster on Montages and Rough Cuts. Finding that exact moment in the footage or that particular Sound Bite is much easier now.
Fast Preview covers almost all the formats you can imagine! Video, Audio, MOGRT, Presets, AEP, etc. you name it!

motion factory
motion factory
motion factory

Organized and Detailed Settings Panel

Supercharge your Video Editing Workflow using the Detailed and Organized Settings Panel. Any portion of any Template that can be tweaked is covered by Motion Factory.

Organized and Detailed Color Picker

Supercharge your color Workflow using the Detailed and Organized Settings Panel. Any portion of any Template that can be tweaked is covered by Motion Factory.

Trusted By 400K users

Our community of Content Creators, Filmmakers, and Video Editors is what makes Motion Factory Strong. We are always considering the vision of creators when working on Motion Factory.